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All about us

How did everything begin?

It all began with a small homepage in the summer of 2001. Sk8erboy was just a one man operation back in those days. The site contained some pictures, small video clips, and above all clothes for sale, either new or worn. Looking back today, the idea was a little unprofessional but very charming - and what's more important is that everything was genuine and really made by one person! When it began, Sk8erboy was not trying to juggle a collection of fetishes or to cater for any sort of niche market; the producers and models have always been committed to what they do - not least because they themselves are into what's going on in the pictures and videos ;-) That has always been the main difference between Sk8erboy and other sites that deal with fetishes such as 'twinks', 'skater wear', 'sportswear', 'trainers', 'socks' and 'feet', and nothing has changed to this day. From one small homepage, a much larger and more versatile one has slowly evolved over the years. The length and quality of the film productions has improved in equal measure: clips began as downloadable material and were later made available for purchase on a data CD; nowadays there are proper films with up to ten models in a single production. Two years ago we then made our first high quality DVD. Today the films are professionally printed and distributed nationwide across Germany and to international locations. However, it goes without saying that the initial idea of presenting real-life fetish scenarios has remained and we do not stage or act out an interest in what is going on before the camera. .
One of the DVDs available today, Skater Stories is a reminder of how things were at the beginning. You can see some really vintage stuff, an entire video collection from the early days that has been shortened into 2 hours of selected highlights of the best material. We decided to make this video because the scenes are really something and represent part of the site's history.

Who are we?

Sk8erboy is a young team with a total of 4 guys working in a small circle assisted many freelance workers and voluntary helpers. The team is at its largest when a more elaborate film is being shot or one of the legendary Sk8erboy Parties takes place. Everyone involved is aged somewhere in their 20s. Most of us share the same fetishes that are found at Sk8erboy and have become synonymous with the site. The fetish on screen is our fetish!

What do we do?

First and foremost, Sk8erboy is a gay-interest company that produces films featuring young boys and a certain range of fetishes. The most prominent in the list include socks, feet, trainers, cool clothes labels, sportswear, skater fashion and everything that involves skaters in a more general sense. Of course this does not preclude other types of regular, hardcore, softcore or freaky sex, although there is also one film made by Sk8erboy which only features feet and eroticism with no sex footage.
At the moment there are approximately 4 new films every year, each with a good number of cute, young guys shot in various locations. Sometimes they get right to action with no messing around and no limits, sometimes the sex is a lot more gentle and kink is not the the main feature in the video, rather more usual sex between hot boys.
In addition to all this, there is also the now immortal Sk8erboy Party, a regular night that has become an integral part of the skater scene. Originally conceived in Frankfurt as a simple promotional event for a new film, the party now attracts over 700 guests from across Germany and Europe and has become the largest get-together of its kind in the country. Once a year is just not often enough; the party has now become a quarterly event.

Unsere Awards:

Wir sind stolze Gewinner der folgenden Preise bei den EuropeanGayPornAwards:


Top European Studio: Sk8erboy
Best Fetish Film: Fucking Scouts
Best Duo Performance: Alex und Marc in Skaterfun
Best Solo Performance: Alex in Dating Alex


Best Extreme Film: Rough Game
Best Fetish Film: Soccerboys
Best Young Stud Film: WetGame
Best Bottom: Tommy

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