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44. Sk8erboyparty

43. Sk8erboyparty

42. Sk8erboyparty

41. Sk8erboyparty

40. Sk8erboyparty

39. Sk8erboyparty 01.07.2016 in Köln

38. Sk8erboyparty 23.04.2016 in Köln

37. Sk8erboyparty 27.02.2016 in Köln

36. Sk8erboyparty 05.12.2015 in Köln

34. Sk8erboyparty 03.07.2015 in Köln

32. Sk8erboyparty 07.02.2015 in Köln

31. Sk8erboyparty 06.12.2014 in Köln

30. Sk8erboyparty 11.10.2014 in Köln

29. Sk8erboyparty 04.07.2014 in Köln

28. Sk8erboyparty 26.04.2014 in Köln

28. Sk8erboyparty 26.04.2014 in Köln

28. Sk8erboyparty 26.04.2014 in Köln

27. Sk8erboyparty 15.02.2014 in Köln

26. Sk8erboyparty 02.11.2013 in Köln

25. Sk8erboyparty 08.06.2013 in Köln

24. Sk8erboyparty 27.04.2013

23. Sk8erboyparty 08.12.2012

22. Sk8erboyparty 31.03.2012

21. Sk8erboyparty 29.10.2011

20. Sk8erboyparty 29.01.2011

19. Sk8erboyparty 24.04.2010

18. Sk8erboyparty 24.10.2009

When: Sa 2th feb. 2019
Fr 5th july 2019
Sa 26th oct. 2019

Where: Location Cologne:
Pipinstr. 2
50667 Cologne
Travelling: description
Doors open: from 10 PM, men Only!
Specials: Welcome Drink
Sniffarea + Darkroom
and much more
Dresscode: Requiered!: Sportswear, Sneaker, Skater, Sagger, Emo, Proll, Trackies, Chav, Scally, Soccer, Lycra, PVC, Underwear, Sk8erboy-Fanstuff, Skins, Biker, Rubber in combination with Sportswear
no go: leather, naked, glitter & glamour, Shemale, Boots, Army , no-name Sneaks, Businesswear
Admission: 12 Euro at night
Musik: Dance / Trance / House / Charts / Pop / Rock...
All information without guarantee and as long as supplies last.

Sk8erboypartys 2019

Right now we publish all party dates for the whole year, so you're able to plan your holidays and book your hotel rooms early. We hope you like this :-)

The Sk8erboyparty is the biggest and most famous sneaker fetish party in Europe. Here, about 300 mostly young and sexy boys from all over Europe come together to celebrate and have fun. The guests from all over Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland form a hot mix with the local guests. However, only those will be let in who fits into the concept and fit into the dress code. As on every other party there is a DJ, dance floor and bar and those who want more of course can let off steam in the Sniffarea or in the darkroom, but that is not a must. In order to satify all musical tastes our resident DJ plays a mix of Charts, House, Dance, Pop ..... Of course, you can meet the Sk8erboy team and some of our models that are well known from the movies. You can live meet your favorite movie star, get an autograph and maybe he will let you sniff at his smelly socks? Each party for itself is an unforgettable event, as can be evidenced at the Partypics. So don't miss to be a part of one!


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