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Video / Picture Download

Warning! One access is only valid for one video or pictureset and not for the whole content at the website.

As an alternative to buying one of our DVDs or CDs, you can also simply download the videos or pictures you want to see. This offers you the following advantages:

  • Anonymous purchase. You will receive you access information by e-mail and absolutely nothing through the post. There is no mention of anything gay or pornographic, nor of Sk8erboy on your credit card statement or bank transfer. We use neutral names or a number.
  • Instant purchase. If you buy with a credit card, you will receive you login details within a few minutes, as the whole system works automatically.
  • High quality. Our downloads are of a near-DVD quality. You can either watch them directly on your PC with the usual media players (MediaPlayer, PowerDVD) or burn your own discs to watch at your leisure on the TV or PC.
  • Price: the downloads are generally cheaper than a DVD or CD.
  • Length of access. You will have a full 30 days to download the material you purchase and save it to your hard disk. We do not sell video on demand where you can only see the films online. The productions almost belong to you; you can save them on your computer and watch them whenever you like. You can also burn them onto a CD or DVD, etc.
  • If there is a problem with your access information, we strive to resolve this as soon as possible. Please just drop us a line if the videos hang for a while or do not perform as they should.

Downloading Internet Content:
  1. Access details are for the SOLE USE of the purchaser. Login information must not be made available for others to use, in particular those under legal age. This is a punishable act and is beyond the responsibility of the provider. The user name is the same as the e-mail address of the user and therefore attributable to the purchaser at all times. Posting login information in forums and guest books, etc. can attract huge costs through the additional traffic that ensues. The provider reserves the right to block offending accounts and demand compensation in damages if faced with failure to comply with these guidelines.
  2. Any content bought online is solely for private use and may not be freely redistributed, shown publicly, rented or resold. This is especially true for other websites and offers, and peer-to-peer file sharing networks. Offences with respect to copyrighted material may be brought to prosecution and result in claims for damages as well as severe punishment.
  3. According to current law, there is no right of withdrawal from particular contracts such as the provision of goods that have been crafted to suit a customer’s specific requirements or personal needs and are not suitable for return due to the manner in which they have been made. This also applies to audio and visual recordings once the delivered goods have been unsealed. The same is valid for access to the download material on this site.
  4. The provider takes no responsibility for problems in playing the media that result from the user’s own circumstances (old operating systems, outdated versions of media player software, etc.) However, we are happy to help and will give you advice if things aren’t working properly.
  5. The provider takes no responsibility for server dropouts or server overloads when many users access our bandwidth. It should be possible for everyone to download the content they have bought within the 30 days for which login information is valid. In individual cases it is possible to extend the validity of access details without further fuss.

Whatever the case: If you are experiencing problems, get in touch! We will be pleased to help and do so quickly.


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